10 Year Anniversary Splatter Sweatshirt


In celebration of SALT SURF's 10 year anniversary, we created this limited splatter paint sweatshirt. Hand splatter painted by SALT SURF founder Nabil, each piece is uniquely different and one of a kind. Each sweatshirt is heavyweight 140z 100% cotton, with an oversized loose fit throughout. The black on the sweatshirt will intentionally fade with washing, for the signature faded look we have used throughout the years.

The brand was officially launched on 11/11/11, and the number 11 came to be a significant number in the brand's identity throughout the years. The colors used in the splatter all represent different elements in nature. Green representing land and the lush green of nature, blue representing the ocean, and the orange and pink representing a sunset. All elements heavily seen and used throughout the SALT SURF brand since the start.

Ship 5-7 business days after order is placed.

100% Cotton  |  Made in Los Angeles