Mankind is One Long Sleeve- KBXSS Collab


A collaborative piece from the Leucadia collection between musician Kelsey Bulkin and SALT SURF.  

Both Kelsey and Nabil (owner of SALT SURF) are members of the Baha’i Faith, and the Mankind is One long sleeve tee, is actually a recreation of an old Baha’i shirt the two both owned as children.  It features the phrase “Mankind is One” written in six different languages (Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Hawaiian and Hindu). Simple in its message, it is a reminder that we are all simply one. The shirt was a favorite that the two would wear as kids during race-unity day parades. They couldn’t seem to find the shirt anymore, so they decided to recreate it.

To reiterate the message behind this shirt, 5% of proceeds from each shirt will be donated to Caracen- an organization devoted to empowering Central Americans and all immigrants by defending their human rights, working for social and economic justice and promoting cultural diversity. 

100% Cotton  |  Made in China  |  Printed in Los Angeles

Temporarily Sold Out